Posted on Nov 17, 2011

I Would Always Recommend Park Pantry

I started using Park Pantry a few years ago for their professional and beautifully presented cakes to compliment our buffets. Since then i have always used them for special occasions; birthday cakes (of all ages), cakes for all occasions, etc and i am always ‘over the moon’ with their produce.

They are extremely professional in their manner from the time of taking your order to the finished product, they ensure you can transport your goods safely or they will deliver, and they have every bit of detail to a fine art. Cakes are always made on time (even when i am last minute with my order!).

I cannot praise and thank Marie and Alison enough for everything they have made for me, they taste so well, and believe me I’ve asked for some amazing cakes, that are too good to cut and eat!

I would always recommend Park Pantry to people, they are great.

Debbie Bell

Centre manager
Parson House OPC, Sheffield

They are extremely professional in their manner

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