Posted on Nov 18, 2011

Christmas Specials from Park Pantry

Park Pantry are delighted to introduce an exquisite range of festive cakes and desserts, handmade to order from the finest ingredients.

Each of our Christmas Specials are carefully crafted by Alison and Marie in much the same way as any professional chef would make them.

The only difference is that we make them on a larger scale for restaurants, bistros, pubs, cafés and tea rooms – offering delicious, luxury desserts at sensible prices. The result is you get high quality products as if you had made them yourself, but for a fraction of the time and cost.

We supply desserts and cakes for corporate or private events too – even if it’s just one or two! We make sure that every single item we produce is to the highest possible standard, and tastes fantastic!

To order any of our products or a sample, please get in touch or call either Alison on 07808 946956 or Marie on 07801 354450 for more information.

Download our 2011 Christmas Specials Price Guide

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